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Apr 02, 2021

301a Study Guide and Lab


I have an old link for 301a and b exam prep materials on, but its seems missing now? Any idea where it was moved?

This was the link I had




  • Hi Joanne,


    I could not see the guides. You can download from this link:

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  • All, 

    After trying to champion the F5 Cert program for many years, I had my certification study guide repo unpublished from the F5 Clouddocs site and I will not be republishing. It is a long story but I was asked by the head of the certification team to take it down. This was in-short due to the Certification team receiving many complaints from candidates regarding a lack of guides for all exams, as well as not always having guides refreshed to the current exam version. The Cert team had no control over the material in my repo, because I don't work for the certification team within F5. The F5 Certification team does not officially produce any guides or provide any material to study for their exams. I created these guides on my own to help potential candidates to better prepare for the exams. I cannot keep up with the refresh schedule or number of exams on my own. To create all guides that fast, I would need exposure to the actual exam material. But as a candidate you don't have that access and you can't take the lower level exams over again once you have passed them (even if they refresh).. I would appreciate it if copies of the repo were no longer shared, because it will age and be out of line with the exam content causing more confusion.

    Hope this helps everyone understand why they are no longer available.


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      Well the certfication for 401 is on 13.1 and 402 is on version 12.1 (F5 needs to update this), so your materials are still not outdated till F5 updates the versions the exams are based on and for a learning prespective not only passing the exam they are for me really nice.



  • Hi Joanne,


    I could not see the guides. You can download from this link:

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      Hello Enes,

      I recently saw this thread. Could you please share the 195 pages 301a study guide? 

      The google drive link you have share is no longer valid.


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      Hi! these guides have very good formatting, which tool was used to create them?