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May 08, 2024

active/active Support Declarative Onboarding

I tried to deploy a DO with a custom trafficGroup named traffic-group-2. This traffic Group is then referenced in the self-ip declaration. When sending the post request I get the answer:

"errors": [
            "keyword": "enum",
            "dataPath": ".declaration.Common['DMZLAN_TG2_1'].trafficGroup",
            "schemaPath": "#/allOf/7/then/properties/trafficGroup/enum",
            "params": {
                "allowedValues": [
            "message": "should be equal to one of the allowed values"

Which makes sense because the appendix of self ip names only tg-1 & tg-local-only as possible values. But does that mean there is no way to create a active/active cluster with DO? If so why is the feature to define traffic-groups available in the first place?

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