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Apr 15, 2011

Anyone here successfully load balance exchange 2010?

Just wondering if anyone who has used the deployment doc for Exchange 2010 has successfully load balanced exchange 2010? I went through the configuration for the client access role with little success.


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  • Yes; I've got two 60,000+ user CAS arrays behind LTM. The deployment doc is a good start but there are a few other things that people have discovered that may apply to your environment:



    1. The RPC instructions are a bit unclear on how to configure the pool -- you need a wildcard VIP and "Match across services" -- the doc says this but I've seen several folks miss one or the other configuration step.


    2. The TCP idle timeout for the RPC wildcard VS needs to be set to 7200 seconds -- this matches Microsoft's settings for RPC timeout. Any shorter and you'll get RPC errors sometimes.


    3. If you use a SNAT pool, you need to apply a SNAT persistence iRule. RPC traffic will break if the SNAT address changes for any particular set of connections. See here:



    Can you give us a summary of the issues you're experiencing?