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May 10, 2013

APM - App tunnel - Internal error

all my app tunnels end up in an internal error, to rule out config issues i made them really simple (hostname, port, command with an %host% parameter), but still im getting nowhere. did anyone encounter this before? what can i do to trouble shoot?


when i click the app tunnel on the webtop the screen opens and the tunnel start to initalize but then gives an internal error in the screen. using windows 7, ie9 / 10, ff, no difference.


app tunnel log shows:


2013-05-10, 8:26:46:673, 2300,5340,SUPERHOST, 1, \SuperHostIfs.cpp, 43, CURSuperHost::CheckInstance, CreateClientRpcHandle returned NULL


2013-05-10, 8:26:46:766, 2300,5340,SUPERHOST, 0,,,, Request to install/update Host Control


2013-05-10, 8:26:46:829, 2300,6028,SUPERHOST, 2, \urSmartUpdateEx.cpp, 520, USmartUpdateEx::RunObjectProc(), need not install/update control, {E0FF21FA-B857-45C5-8621-F120A0C17FF2},,2012,830,1703


2013-05-10, 8:26:46:870, 2300,5340,HOST, 0,,,, the following ip address will be used to establish tunnels:


2013-05-10, 8:26:46:872, 2300,5340,HOST, 0,,,, Request to install/update SSL Tunnel


2013-05-10, 8:26:46:882, 2300,5908,HOST, 2, \urSmartUpdateEx.cpp, 520, USmartUpdateEx::RunObjectProc(), need not install/update control, {6C275925-A1ED-4DD2-9CEE-9823F5FDAA10},,2012,830,1703


2013-05-10, 8:26:46:882, 2300,5340,HOST, 0,,,, starting local TunnelServer


2013-05-10, 8:26:50:611, 2300,5340,HOST, 1, \HostCtrl.cpp, 1693, CHostCtrl::OnTimer(), failed to obtain TunnelServer ready status, -2147352567


2013-05-10, 8:26:50:611, 2300,5340,HOST, 1, \HostCtrl.h, 1443, CHostCtrl::Failed, Internal error (error: 0)


2013-05-10, 8:26:50:611, 2300,5340,HOST, 1, \HostCtrl.h, 1474, CHostCtrl::Failed, Firing OnError event (message: Internal error)


[EDIT] by cleaning up all old config and trying again it started working fine. unsure what exactly was the cause, but not an issue anymore.


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  • Hi, when you said : " by cleaning up all old config and trying again" which config you mean ? since i have the same issue


  • it was a test unit, so i just deleted all apm related stuff and started it.


    never quite understood what i did wrong, but i had some odd tunnel experiences over time. usually just deleting config and starting over works.


  • I wanted to reply to this thread, and say that I recently encountered this issue, and it turned out to be caused by the cookie option "HTTP Only" being enabled within the Access Profiles > (profile name) > SSO / Auth Domains. It is documented in SOL15387 that HTTP Only is only supported for LTM+APM Access Policies only. I am not sure if this is the same issue you encountered boneyard, but wanted to put this out there.
  • thank you for replying on this. it can very well have been the issue back then.