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Apr 17, 2023

APM RDP Remote resource cannot be reached with APM

Hi, we have APM confiugred presenting native rdp to users. we have serval hundred users using this on a daily basis without issue, but we now have 3 users who cannot launch the rdp session and get a windows error popup "Remote resource cannot be reached". We know its related to the workstation because that same user can use a different workstation with their same accoutn and it will work.


When I packet cap on the F5 I do not see the trfafic hit the F5, so again 100% a windows issue rather than F5, but wondering if anyone came across this and know a solution? remote desktop works fine for them to other local servers etc, I cannot see anythign in eventviewer that would indicate why its failing, the cert installed on APM is a CA signed valid cert. An activeX rdp icon does work for them, but its difficult to use since it requires a few browser hacks.

Any help would be great


  • Found out it was related to registry string: RDGClientTransport

    if its not present or set to 0 (which is default) it will work. if its set to 1 or 2 it will fail with that error.


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  • If you catch the RDP file served from APM does it look right, especially the gateway configuration?

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      Yes the contents are identical to the rdp file on my machine which works

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        My next step would be to validate if any packages are leaving the machine with Wireshark.

        If that isn't the case I think it must be related to application firewalling (or what it is called on Windows 😀) which stop the traffic from going out.