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Feb 24, 2020

Attack Signature Staging Audit / History

Hi Team,

I have just started my attack signature journey being automatically pushed out via Big-IQ and loving the fact that I no longer have to deal with change windows etc! Currently my production system is just setup for auto updates and still require manually activation out of staging to be enabled.


In my Nonprod environment, I have the same autoupdate of attack signatures for the last few months and have setup autostaging ( I think I have! ) by setting my staged time to 14 days. The question is, is there a log/history/event that I can view that shows when attack signatures move out of staging and where the heck do I find it ?

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  • Hi Nag,

    Probably didnt explain my question very well. I have set up a 14 day time period for staging, so the assumption is after the 14 days these staged signatures go into blocking with the policy ( if staging is succesful ). I am trying to find on the F5 WHERE the logs for this transition from staging to blocking is.