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Feb 25, 2020

aWAF DOS Protection Licensing

Hi everybody!


I have a question most probably related to aWAF VE licensing (I am not completely sure whether the root cause is related to licensing but looks like this is the most probable reason for my issue).


I am trying to configure DoS protection for applications according to the guide below and I am not able to find "Application Security" tab in protection profile:


My TMOS version is, build 0.0.5, point release 3. Initially, the license was provided for VE v 15.0.0 but I downgraded SW to the version mentioned.

I attached information related to activated modules, available licenses and protection profile output.


My questions are:

1) is this a licensing issue and I need to request license update/renewal or so?

2) if this is not related to the licensing, what can be the problem?


Thank you!

  • I figured out that the reason for that issue was simply the lack of Advanced WAF license.