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May 17, 2023

AWS WAF Rule F5-OWASP_Managed custom response


We are using AWS WAF managed rule 'F5-OWASP_Managed'. I would like to create a WAF custom response when requests are blocked by this rule. To do so I need to change the rule from block to count, and capture labels assigned by this rule in a WAF custom rule.

When looking into the AWS WAF console I cannot see any labels assigned to this WAF rule? Can somebody please tell me if this rule assigns labels, and, which one?


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  • Hi grisu ,

    The F5 Rules for AWS WAF do not add labels. This is somthing we are looking into adding.


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      Hello Joel_Cohen, 

      Do you have any kind of news around this update ?
      This feature could really help us to manage fake positives triggered by the fortinet rule.


  • Hi grisu FYI - we've asked a colleague who is an expert in this, and he is looking into this. He told us that he plans to respond to you next week.