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  • MaxMedov Sadly, I don't believe we can give you what you are looking for without knowing a bit more and even then this is highly dependent on the traffic you are passing and inspecting. What Hype is this being deployed on and what is the specific license that you have?

  • Hi, Paulius on VMWare and ELA 1GB throughput license.
    The total usage is less than 100mb at this moment.

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      MaxMedov Sadly this still is not enough information to tell you how it will perform. Without detailed information I can only point you to what F5 says it should be able to do in a perferct situation.

  • Hi Paulius what else do you need, how can I estimate approximately? 
    I found a datasheet of a physical device (another model I have), but there are not the same parameters on VE? The resources are compatible