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Dec 13, 2010

Can I have time based Irule?

Hi all,



I need to do the below tasks, can anyone help.



1.I need to create a maintenance page on big ip instead of creating it in a web server so that i can redirect the trafic to page on Big ip whenever the nodes are taken offline rather redirecting to the web server.



2.Also can i know if there is anything like time based irule. Suppose nodes will be taken into maintenance mode from 18:00 to 19:00, is there any kind of irule which irule triggers at 18:00 and redirects the traffic into maintenance page which is on Big ip.



I am a newbie..


kindly help.








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  • Hi,



    check this link :




    it will give you a nice iRule



    for something just doing what you want:







  • Hi,



    Thanks a lot for the link, especially iRule maintenance window by Joe was really helpfull.But there are some problem which I am facing in this code,



    1. I am having trouble with code in that the STATS profile fields do not seem to hold the values set in them or rather are not consistent. What might be the solution.



    2. Is there any commmand to flush the value in STATS profile field (othere than setting 0).