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Jun 21, 2024

Clustering among VCMPs and Tenants ( rSeries )

Hello guys, 

we are approaching a migration from a vCMP cluster  to a Tenant ( on r5600 ) cluster .

VLAN/Networks betweeen old and new nodes will be the same and the migration will be VIPs based ( not every vs at once ).

I was wondering if it is possible to add Tenant nodes to the already vCMP device group so that we can continue to have a synced configuration during the migration .

Has anyone ever configured a mixed device group with vCMPs and Tenants running on r-series ?

thank you in advance


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    Yes it is possible to build a DSC between different platforms. But be aware that connection and session mirroring and also close to hardware related features like DOS support and Packet Velocity ASIC (PVA) gets handled quite different between platform so don't bet on it.

    Also have a look into

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      Thank you eneR,

      finally, few days ago, we have had the opportunity to show this scenario to f5 professional services and they confirmed that it can be done.

      They didn't mention about PVA or DOS, however on this enviroment , session mirroring is not used at all.

      The only requirement they mentioned is about CPU resources that must be the same , but i don't know why.