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Aug 01, 2018

CM control of ASM attack signature updates - how to revert?

Env: LTM 11.5.2


I can't find any info on how to revert a whole ASM attack signature update file - only on how to disable specific signatures. Is there any configuration mgmt control that would let us "back out" a signatures update file?


We are doing manual updates, and have HA pairs for all the LTMs affected - and I wondered if synching from the standby, which shouldn't yet have the update, to the standby would do it (i presume so). But ... we don't want to hold the pair in stasis for long enough to be sure there are no issues.


I do understand about staging, and know that we have 7 days to identify and disable any specific signatures causing issues, btw. But if we're seeing a lot of false positives/negatives suddenly after an update, it would be helpful to be able to back out the whole update.


Any way to do this?




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