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Oct 03, 2017

Configuring Syslog Server for a Specific Virtual Server

Hi, guys   I have an application in BIG IP, according to the image.   I need all the IPs that have accessed VS_APP1 to be registered on the syslog server.   Someone could help me set this up...
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    Oct 03, 2017


    I haven't used the virtual server's Request Logging profile much, but was able to create a profile that logs the source IP address of the connecting client:

    In the Request profile Template section, I simply entered:

    Client IP is: ${CLIENT_IP}

    And it was sent to the remote syslog:

    14:10:53.969588 IP > [|syslog]
            0x0000:  4500 0037 cb69 4000 ff11 6da1 0a0c 1778  E..7.i@...m....x
            0x0010:  0a0c 171b bd08 0202 0023 7989 436c 6965  .........y.Clie
            0x0020:  6e74 2049 5020 6973 3a20 3130 2e31 322e
            0x0030:  3235 302e 3133 30                        250.130

    Hope this is useful!