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Apr 17, 2024

Content type hearder charset=UTF-8

Hello friends,

  We have a requirement to have WAF should only allow charset=UTF-8 in the Content-Type header.  So curios does this cover by any rule in ASM policy or do we have to create a custom rule through iRule or other ?   Basically our objective to accept only ute-8 and reject rest of any.   Appreciate any inputs !!

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  • i dont think utf8-only rules is included in asm built-in rules because utf8 cannot cover all aphabets in single code, e.g. each chinese alphabet needs 3 utf8 codes.
    so you need to set custom LTM/ASM filter for it

  • Alternatively, you can also create LTM policy or iRule to reject the traffic which doesn't have that content-type header. 

  • Hi stephen4f5,

    Requests that do not contain charset=UTF-8 in the Content-Type header can be blocked with a custom attack signature.