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Jun 08, 2012

copying data groups to other f5 ltms

I have 2 datacenters and created a datagroup that is very very long, I would like know if possible to copy into the bigip.conf on ltm pairs in other datacenter and have them pick it up.



i.e. I have a datagroup that is 120 lines long and dont want to have to re-enter each network or host address into the ui, i have noticed that the bigip.conf holds the info after it has been entered in the cli or ui.



Is there a way to feed the f5 a file into the cli so that it loads it or have it re-read its conf after a file is edited ( dont know if that is a approved way of doing so)


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  • As Richard suggested, an external data group file would work nicely for your scenario. More generally, you can also use the merge option to copy a config snippet to a BIG-IP and merge it into the existing config:





    bigpipe: b merge /path/to/file.txt


    tmsh: tmsh load /sys config file /path/to/file.txt merge



    Merge a file into the BIG-IP configuration. Added in v11. In v10, use bigpipe