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Nov 20, 2009

couldn't connect to termial server xxxxxx (Redirected Local Devices) error

Hi all:



I am trying to connect through Firepass and am getting "couldn't connect to termial server xxxxxx (Redirected Local Devices)" where xxxxxx is the actual computer name. I think the problem may be because of a missing F5 network addin. I am on an XP Pro machine with IE 7. The installed addin components are F5 networks auto update, F5 networks cachecleaner, and F5 networks host control. It seems I am missing F5 networks dyamic application tunnel control.



Other machines in the office can connect fine so I now it is on the client side that I'm having issues. I don't know how to uninstall the f5 network addins and then go through the install process again in case something messed up during the install.



Screenshot attached.




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  • The ActiveX controls are stored here:



    C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\



    I would uninstall or delete the component by going to IE -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings -> View Files. It should be located here, if you do not have administrator rights I would ask your F5 folks to install the Installer for you. It can be downloaded from Firepass and will install all controls for you without needing to be an administrator each time.