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Jul 09, 2009

Couldn't open proxy server



for quite a while (1-2 months) F5 FirePass client fails with error 'Couldn't open proxy server' when I try to establish a VPN connection.


I get this error always on the first try. On the 2nd try the VPN


connection is successfully started.




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  • Jesus dude, no need to paste all of that in... What are your NA proxy settings? Also what version of FP are you running?
  • we use a fix proxy entry in the NA proxy settings, see attached screenshot.



    FirePass Version





    FirePass Hot-Fixes






  • After setup windows firewall to allow inbound connect on all profile. The "Cannot connect to proxy server" error not longer come up.
  • This is what F5 provided but some users tried it w/o success.



    Unfortunately It is a false positive only by Symantec and is not a Firepass issue. The connection failure, and possible error message of "unable to connect to proxy server" occurs because the file "tunnelserver.exe" is being quarantined by all Symantec products.



    Symantec has released an updated definitions file are available that will resolve the false positive issue


    with tunnelserver.exe on the Firepass. This will be released into the normal update channel, but if you need this update


    immediately you can obtain it from the link below.





    To install, run the respective file on each client to update the definitions.



    This should restore functionality. If the file was quarantined, be sure to release it from the quarantine. On Symantec it is located in the control panels. Symantec Control Panel>View Quarantine, select the file TunnelServer.exe, and then click Restore.
  • If you run into this (should not now since Symantec has fixed the problem) there is


    also a way to recover if the TunnelServer.exe file was deleted instead of simply quarantined. The easy solution is to reinstall the F5 VPN Client. A faster way to


    fix the problem (on XP at least) is to remove the component


    "C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\F5 Networks Dynamic Application Tunnel Control",



    update Symantec definitions, then reconnect to the Firepass and the files will be downloaded to the system again.
  • I was able to solve this problem by going "C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\", right-clicking on "F5 Networks Dynamic Application Tunnel Control" and selecting update. Smooth sailing after that. Let me know if this helps. This thing drove me crazy for hours!