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Sep 21, 2015

Create a Warning message box in APM policy before Logon Page



I would like to display some static text upon the logon page to our users. Sort of a warning that if they proceeded with their logon the site should be compliant with the company policies.


Is there way to insert some HTML dynamically based on the contents of an iRule or iFile? I dont see messageboc or decision box helps here because I need this to be enabled as a warning pop up.






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    Hi Jinshu,

    did you solve that case, and how?

    I'm also looking for that kind of solution ...



  • Using the VPE, before the "logon" and add a "general Purpose" Message Box. (Create a custom message to display to the end user, with prompt to continue.

  • ...or if you wanted to do it directly on the login page with some js you could add something like this at the bottom of in the advance customisation of the login page



    <script type="text/javascript">

    alert("IT IS AN OFFENCE TO CONTINUE WITHOUT PROPER AUTHORISATION.\n\nThis system is restricted to authorised users. Individuals who attempt unauthorised access will be prosecuted.\n\nIf you are unauthorised, terminate access now. Click OK to indicate your acceptance of this information.");





  • Hi,


    Wondering if there are any examples around that show different formats other than the standard F5 Message Box Layout( the header, then a small table on the left hand side and then the footer)


    i.e. Maybe adjust the middle table section and remove the Cells so the text can span the entire window not just on the left-hand side...and that sort of thing



    Maybe some like this:



    I don't know enough about how the Javascript and/or CSS components fit together but was hoping someone has done something similar.


    Anyone done this at all ?