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Oct 05, 2018

Create Address List, Port List, Firewall Policy, Firewall rules with F5 Python SDK



I really like the detailed documentation for the Traffic Managment Shell. There would be a section and then all the information for each component (ex: virtual server) would be there. However, there seems to not be real detailed examples or information for the F5 SDK. Yes, there's a bunch of examples for how to build a pool and add members.


Would someone please be so kind as to help me know how to create an address-list, port-list, firewall policy, firewall rule, as well as how to build a virtual server and link it all together? I already figured it all out with the TMSH, but it's not a viable path anymore. I have to do this with the python F5 SDK. I keep seeing params being listed in the documentation but no detail of what the parameters are in the same way that the TMSH documentation is very user friendly.


Thank you so much!


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