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Dec 13, 2018

Data Center Working as active/standby using GTM

How to configure GTM for Active/Standby datacenter, I have two datacenters HO and DR, my client want me to configure GTM in a manner that all request come to HO datacenter and when HO Datacenter down it will go-to DR Datacenter using GTM


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  • That is one of the main use cases for GTM.


    You would basically configure a pool in each data center, and change the load balancing type to Global Availability. Then set a higher priority to the "HO" data center than the "DR" data center.


    With that configured everything will be sent to "HO" until it becomes unavailable.


    HERE is a post asking something similar to what you are asking. Read through it as there is some good info!


    Hope that helps! If it does please up-vote and select this answer, it'd be greatly appreciated!




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      Hello Dylan,

      For your reference link is down and if possible could you please share me new link for that?