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Sep 05, 2023

Device Management


I cannot to re-add a third member as subordinate to an existing Device Group; this third member was previously removed from that Device Group and now it's necessary adding it newly.

I discover the third member on Device Trust on main member, but when I click on "Device certificate matches", I receive the following error:

"This device is already associated with a trust-domain and cannot be added to the domain".
So, I go to on the third member: here, this third member is associated to a Device Group but when I try to remove it, I receive the following error:
"01070734:3: Configuration error: The floating traffic-group: /Common/traffic-group-1 can only be set on /DMZ-PROXY if its device-group is inherited from the root folder".
It's like a loop :-); anyone knows how solve this issue?
Thanks a lot