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Jan 30, 2012

dimensioning memory

Hi there



I have to migrate two LTM installations from two ltm clusters into one ltm cluster. As far as I can see it is not clear to check how much memory is used really.




On one LTM I have two http profiles allocated to different virtual servers:




1. 512mb ramcache size (activated on 22 virtual servers)


2. 256mb ramcache size (activated on 5 virtual servers)






b memory show




| (Host) Total = 7.817GB Used = 7.764GB


| (TMM) Total = 6.200GB Used = 5.290GB





b http show




| RAM cache (entries, size, evict) = (545935, 2.415G, 890.4M)






How do I count this all together to get an overview how much memory I use for a specific virtual server and how I can count this together to check if the sum maches total usage. I need this because I want to be sure that all the ramcache allocation does fit the new setup.




We use LTM 6900 (v10.2.1) .






Any help is kindly appreciated




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