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Aug 20, 2011

Direct traffic to specific member of a pool & load balance between two pools

I have 2 vip:


One for UI VIP:


One for PF VIP:


And 2 pools are silo1 and Silo2


Silo1 has 4 members: UI1,BG1,PF1,FSS1


Silo2 has 4 members:UI2,BG2,PF2,FSS2


Requirements are:


1. 1. When Clients Hits UI VIP ie, then the request directly goes to UI1 which ip is & when clients hits PF VIP i.e, then the request directly goes to PF1 which ip is No load balance need to occur inside pool Silo1 right now.


The other 2 server inside Silo1 BG1, FSS1 are there for service check only. If the services are not available or down for any of these 4 servers inside Silo1 then the entire pool silo1 declared down and all the request for UI VIP will then goes to Silo2 I,e UI2 which ip is and for PF VIP will goes to PF2 which ip is Here also 2 server BG2,FFS2 are there for same reason I,e service check only. Here also if any of the 4 members is down then Silo2 declared down and request goes to Silo1.


Note: Right now no load balancing is happening inside Silo1 and Silo2.



2. 2. Is it possible to load balance between two pools Silo1 and Silo2 I,e: if Clients hits UI VIP then request will go UI1 of Silo1 and UI2 of Silo2 in Round robin fashion?


Cacan anyone help me out, thanks in advance...










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  • Hi Munim,


    Yes it is possible.



    You can create Pool for the UTI servers and a pool for the PF servers and assign them to their corresponding VIPs.


    Also you can monitor servers that are not part of the pool but are a dependency without having them in the same pools. There is a feature in the monitor profiles where you can monitor a different set of servers with having it be a member of the same pool.



    For example:



    You have a VIP that is associated to a pool with 2 nodes. The structure looks like the following







    |-> Pool HTTP_POOL











    Now you have a monitor at the pool level check to make sure PORT 80(HTTP) is responding. However, you need to also monitor another port on a speperate server with an address on port 2343. Then what you do is create a seperate monitors which as the Alias Address: with the alias service port 2343. Then all you need to do is add that monitor to the HTTP_POOL above.



    I hope this helps