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Feb 24, 2021

DnsClientNrptRule configuration not working when connected to BIG-IP Edge Client



Our problem is when connecting to a third party VPN, our local DNS is not resolving causing problems with users accessing local resources while on this VPN. Split tunneling is enabled on the connection but we do not have control over changing any of the F5 connection settings since this connection is outside of our organization.


We are attempting to fix this using a DnsClientNrptRule but even after adding the rule, it still uses the DNS servers configured on the VPN connection. The rule works as expected when not connected to the VPN.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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  • to me that sounds like a logical effect of using that SSLPVN. you use it for security so it restricts certain things.


    the easiest way would be to work with the admin for the SSLVPN and request them to exclude certain DNS domains, that option is available.


  • Hello, 

    did you find a solution for your need? or a way to make it work "DnsClientNrptRule "?