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May 18, 2016

Enabling ARM on Viprion C2400 with VCMP guests

Use case: We're in the middle of an effort to enable the Advanced Routing Module (ARM) with OSPFv2 so that we can essentially employ route advertisement on virtual addresses, and be able to remove them via dynamic routing when any of the services become unavailable.


We appear to be having issues properly enabling them on specific LTM guests that reside on VCMP-enabled Viprion hosts.


While I do have a support case open, I thought I would try devcentral.


So, enabling OSPFv2 is done at the route domain level, and I have tried two ways - 1)enable ospfv2 on route domain 0 at the vcmp guest level -- OR -- 2)enable ospfv2 on route domain 0 at the host level -- OR -- 3) BOTH


None of these options appear to work.


taking traces, I do see the OSPFv2 Hello packets from the adjacent routers (which are also the default gateways being sent via multicast, but I don't see the F5s send their OSPFv2 Hello packets. So, no ospf neighbor info is getting across between Cisco routers and F5 BIGIPs.


Am I missing something on the OSPF configuration side? I did follow instructions given in this article:


Looking for anyone else out there who may have done this successfully before.