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Dec 11, 2015

Encrypt Cookie Name- Starts with BIGipServer

Hi All,

I am trying to encrypt cookie usign an irule. I am able to encrypt the cookie value but the cookie name exists.

The cookie i am refering is the big ip cooke starts with

. It says to the client about the pool name , iapp name etc which is looks good but not good for security.

Can we encrypt the cookie name as well?


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  • BIGipserver is the default name for a persistence cookie. You can change the name in the cookie persistence profile by customizing the "Cookie Name" field. The profile can also encrypt the cookie content.


  • If I change the cookie name to, for example, MyNewCookieName, will the name become static, or is it just change the prefix from BIGipServer[pool name] to MyNewCookieName[pool name]?


  • Rick,


    The cookie name you configure replaces the entire default name including the pool.