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Mar 19, 2009

Error "Couldn't open proxy server" VPN Client Vista

Help out there please...



I have a user with 64 bit Vista that has the F5 Networks VPN Client. When connecting they are able to do so via the F5 and get authenticated. Problem, no virtual IP gets assigned and the following errors occurs as printed below.



(HOST:4256,4460) CHostCtrl::Failed: Couldn't open proxy server(0)


(HOST:4256,4460) CHostCtrl::CloseClient:control=73554224 m_bConnected=0 m_bFailed=1 Type=V






Let me know if more info is needed.

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  • I have a similar problem, on Vista Business 32-bit, launching a VPN connection from a Firepass menu.



    If I close the "Network Access" window and try again, sometimes the connection will succeed on the second try.
  • What are your NA proxy settings? It would be my guess that it can not resolve the proxy and thus provides you with an error message.
  • Got this from F5 - hope it helpd



    Unfortunately It is a false positive only by Symantec and is not a Firepass issue. The connection failure, and possible error message of "unable to connect to proxy server" occurs because the file "tunnelserver.exe" is being quarantined by all Symantec products.



    Symantec has released an updated definitions file are available that will resolve the false positive issue


    with tunnelserver.exe on the Firepass. This will be released into the normal update channel, but if you need this update


    immediately you can obtain it from the link below.





    To install, run the respective file on each client to update the definitions.



    This should restore functionality. If the file was quarantined, be sure to release it from the quarantine. On Symantec it is located in the control panels. Symantec Control Panel>View Quarantine, select the file TunnelServer.exe, and then click Restore.



    Should users continue to experience any connection problems after this, at the end of this email is a link to our cleaning utility and steps which you can provide to users which will clean remnants of the F5 client and the next time they connect they will be reinstalled properly. Note that users must be local admins of their machine in order to use this utility.



  • What is the link to the cleaning utility mentioned on this email? Can it be supplied.


  • Sorry but what is "F5 box"? can someone simply post the link?


  • Posted By dabfeh on 01/11/2010 11:30 AM



    Sorry but what is "F5 box"? can someone simply post the link?






    It is on the Firepass, like a direct link on the box. Unfortunately I can not link our Firepass out to you. Ask your F5 Admin's.
  • Not sure if you still having this problem.



    But you can just open "C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files", right-click on "F5 Networks Dynamic Application Tunnel Control" and choose remove.



    Sign in and it should be fixed.