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Apr 08, 2011

Error loading configuration - exception


1) my_interface.LocalLBClass.set_external_class_file_name(Class_List, File_Name_List);


2) my_interface.SystemConfigSync.load_configuration









We used the code above for the load external files to config file. But we get the following Exception :





Exception caught in System::urn:iControl:System/ConfigSync::load_configuration()


Exception: Common::OperationFailed


primary_error_code : 16908289 (0x01020001)


secondary_error_code : 0


error_string : Error loading configuration






Please help us to figure out what cause this problem?





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  • Two things.



    1. Are you calling the save_configuration() method after making the call to set_external_class_file_name()? iControl calls are not automatically persisted to disk (bigip.conf bigip_base.conf) until you make a call to the save_configuration() call. We did this for performance reasons for users that were batching up multiple calls together.



    2. Assuming that's the case and the load_configuration() call is failing, I'd suggest you ssh to the console and issue a "b load" command as that's essentially what the load_configuration() method is doing. You should see any error output on the console. Also, it might not hurt to look in the /var/log/ltm file for any extra errors that occured.



    Hope this helps...





  • Great! Let us know if anything else comes up and we'll do our best to help out.