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Feb 16, 2011

Error while querying SCOM Gateway Server registry key

[Posting on behalf of E.A.]

Need some assistance. We’re trying to install the F5 Management Pack onto our SCOM 2007 server, however, keep getting an error in the log about not finding the registry keys. We’re running 6.0.6278 of SCOM 2007 and have the hotfix MSKB 954903 installed.

The error is:

<02-16-2011 04:21:35> FatalError: An error has occurred during the F5 Networks Management Pack Setup. Please contact the F5 Management Pack team at with the following information: Registry Keys for Operations Manager could not be found on this system.    at F5Networks.ManagementPack.Setup.SetupHarness._IsGateWayServer()
   at F5Networks.ManagementPack.Setup.SetupHarness._VerifyPrequisites(SetupLogger setupLog, Settings settings)

Please advise and thank you.

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    The error is produced by the F5 Management Pack setup while querying the following registry entry (value):

    SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Server Management Groups\xxxx\IsGateway

    where xxxx = the name of the SCOM management group that your management server is part of.

    Apparently the "IsGateway" registry entry is missing on your SCOM management server where you try to deploy the F5 Management Pack on, and our setup doesn't gracefully err out while not finding this registry key. We added a fix in the F5 MP setup for safely handling this situation and it will be included in our next release of the product. In the meantime, a quick workaround would be to manually create the "IsGateway" registry entry as a REG_DWORD value and assign a value of 0 (zero) to it.

    My assumption (and hope) is that your management server is NOT a SCOM Gateway server. If it is, the workaround mentioned above would get your F5 MP setup working, but unfortunately the F5 Management Pack doesn't directly support SCOM Gateway Server integration. The reason for that is that the F5 MP needs direct/local access to the SCOM SDK service, SCOM Health Service and the SCOM Powershell runtime. A regular SCOM Gateway Sever normally would not provide these requirements in a default deployment / configuration.

    Let us know if the workaround suggested would work for you and if we can be of further assistance.

    Thank you.


    (F5 Management Pack)
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    While looking at the screenshot you’ve sent us on the registry key with the problem, I could see a possible problem with the structure of your ‘Server Management Groups’ registry hive in:



    @"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Server Management Groups"



    What you have there is:



    \Server Management Groups




    ----------\Send Priorities


    -----\Send Priorities*



    Apparently you have a ‘Send Priorites’ management group registry hive showing up at the same level with ‘QpayCorporate’ (I’ve noted it Send Priorities*). I don’t think this would be a valid registry key under the ‘Server Management Group’ hive. I checked all of the SCOM management groups in my test environment and I can’t find it directly under ‘Server Management Groups’. Is it possible that this registry hive got imported / created unintentionally here?



    The problem is that, with the current F5 MP (v2.1.5.440) when we query the sub-keys under the ‘Server Management Groups’ registry hive, there’s no guarantee that we picked up the first entry, which is ‘QpayCorporate’ and where we would expect the IsGateway registry entry to show up. As a matter of fact the IsGateway should show up under each [valid] management group key, contained


    under ‘Server Management Groups’. This being said, you have two options for directly working around this issue with your current version of the F5 MP:



    1. Create a bogus IsGateway [DWORD] registry entry under the ‘Send Priorities’ registry key (the one at same level with QpayCorporate), and set the value to 0 (zero).


    2. Temporarily remove the \Send Priorities registry hive (the one at same level with QpayCorporate) and run the setup.



    Our upcoming release of the F5 MP will gracefully handle such scenarios.



    Let me know if the workaround suggested is acceptable for you and if it’s





    Thank you.