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Feb 03, 2023

F5 - Commvault for Backups?

Hello, we are currently performing daily back ups of our F5 using AppViewX. 

Our company is moving towards commvault.

Is it possible to integrate/use Commvault to take regular back ups from F5?

If so, could you please recommend how to make it happen?

platform id: C113

platform name: BIG-IP 4000

software version: BIG-IP v12.1.5.2 (Build 0.0.10)



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  • Hopefully you are lucky and someone here has that experience. Certainly worth trying on the Commvault forum also.

    Might be tricky as AppViewX is more a F5 related product and Commvault more generic. But if it can do a scp or run a bash command you are already pretty close.

    Also you are running quite an old unsupported TMOS version, look into ways to get in support again.