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Jul 17, 2017

F5 Bigip 3600 stuck on reboot

Have F5 Bigip 3600, Version 11.6.0 and its getting stuck at reboot:


Press Ctrl-c to stop autoboot: [1] Loader:elf Filesys:raw Dev:flash1.recovery File:x Options:(null) Loading: 0x80001000/4896477 0x804ac6dd/265011 Entry at 0x80289000 Starting program at 0x80289000




Then it just hangs... I can get into the AOM options on the boot menu. However that is it. What should Ido to get it to reboot?


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  • Have you tried relicensing and change boot partition via cli?



    Comment made 06-Apr-2015 by shaggy 2230 switchboot, select the boot location with the old software, set as default, and reboot. once you have reverted, reactivate the license. Then you should be able to use the CLI command "cpcfg" to copy your current config (old-software) to the upgraded partition