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Apr 14, 2015

F5 Content Switching

I am coming from a netscaler world where they had an element in the UI for content switching...


I know with F5 you can use iRules to select a Pool but the problem I find with that is in the netscaler world you select a virtual server to content switch to which has the advantage of having all of the virtual server specific policies/authenication/waf etc tied to it. Is it possible to use irules to direct to another virtual server with F5 while retaining the same external IP for the client instead of the pool? (ie: I don't want to do a simple redirection from one url to another or ip to another, it needs to be transparent like netscaler does)


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  • can't seem to edit the post...but perhaps something with rewrite profiles? We are trying to accomplish the classic


    if you go to you get forwarded to virtal server a on the backend, if you go to you go to virualserver b on the backend...trying to conserve public ip addresses.


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    I'm combining a couple of iRules but the below seems a possible solution. Anyone viewing, please feel free to make corrections. As I have not done this before, I am not sure how the F5 handles redirecting to the virtual, whether it's a 301/302 or transparent.

    when HTTP_REQUEST { 
        switch -glob [string tolower [HTTP::host]] {
            "" { virtual virtual_server_A }
            "" { virtual virtual_server_B }