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Aug 19, 2011

F5 Deployment Guide for Exchange Server 2010 updated - v3.0

Short link to the new guide:



- Substantially updated the configuration for Edge Gateway and APM


- Updated manual configuration tables in the appendix


- Modified timeout value for RPC Client Access persitence from 3600 to 7200 seconds.


- Added Appendix B: Technical Notes with detailed descriptions of Slow Ramp Time, SAN SSL certificates and Outlook Client configuration.


- Added updated iRules for persistence



Get it here:





James Hendergart


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  • First of all, a big thank you for the continued development of this deployment guide. It serves as an excellent reference.



    I have a few concerns I'd like to mention.



    The "Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync" value will never be hit because of the lowercase conversion here:





    switch -glob -- [string tolower [HTTP::path]] {


    "/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync" {





    Also, why are "/ews*" and "/oab*" in the iRule but no explicit reference to "/owa*"?



    Finally, my pcaps include many calls to "/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml" which is not in the iRule and none to "/xml/autodiscover.aspx" which is.



    - Jeli


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    hi Jeli, I believe there's no reference to /owa because it should fall through to the default case at the bottom of the rule.



    About the autodiscover URI and lowercase conversion-we will check the configuration and make adjustments as necessary. Thanks for your input on this.