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May 03, 2017

F5 last reboot strange issue

My monitoring system alerted F5 got rebooted but i haven't seen any issue so far from customer or any complain. when i logged into system i did

[foo@lb51:Standby:In Sync] ~  uptime
 09:20:04 up 498 days,  2:28,  1 user,  load average: 0.06, 0.01, 0.00
[spatel@lb5c:Standby:In Sync] ~  last reboot

wtmp begins Mon May  1 04:27:01 2017
[foo@lb51:Standby:In Sync] ~ 

why uptime saying 498 and last reboot saying days ago? also i am seeing both active/standby rebooted. how do i check whether it was really rebooted or not?

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  • You could try to find the boot_marker messages in /var/log/* files. For example:

    [root@nielsvs-bigip:Active:Standalone] log  grep boot_marker rpmpkgs | tail -1
    2017-02-24T11:19:46+01:00 nielsvs-bigip notice boot_marker : ---===[ HD1.1 - BIG-IP 13.0.0 Build 0.0.1645 ]===---
    [root@nielsvs-bigip:Active:Standalone] log