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  • Are you having trouble reading it in? Send us a packet capture and we'll test it for you.
  • Using tcpdump I can see the packets from the F5 coming to my Netflow box, but Netflow does not register the packets. I'm not sure why this is occurring but I believe we are going to look into other products for this task. Thanks!
  • I tried running sflow to ManageEngine and I get that F5 is sourcing an incorrect self-IP that isn't in the traffic path for sflow via MPLS. It is sourcing an IP that goes out to the Internet even though routing takes sflow traffic across internal MPLS for 10.10.X.X addresses. This causes a new device in OpManager to be built which gives no info at all as SNMP isn't enabled on that sourced IP and there are no interfaces to look at for monitoring. This is very weird and I haven't been able to see any documentation on this issue.