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Aug 30, 2021

F5 URI iRule redirect with high availability

Environment: 2 nodes (NodeA, NodeB) / 2 Pools (PoolA -- (NodeA port 8443, NodeB port 8443), PoolB -- (NodeA port 8444, NodeB port 8444)).


URIs --,,,


I know how to redirect each URI to different pools with iRules for example if TestA, TestB, and TestC go to PoolA and TestD goes to PoolB thats fine.


My issue is that apparently each of the URIs that go to PoolA could go offline on a single node (say NodeA) and only be available on NodeB, while the rest of the URIs still being available on both nodes. What is the best way to create high availability for each separate URI?


Ex: goes down on PoolA--NodeA but and still work on both NodeA and NodeB. As currently setup PoolA would not take NodeA offline or out of rotation due to health monitor. I also wouldnt want it to completely take it out of rotation for the other 2 URIs.


Thanks in advance!