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Jun 19, 2024

F5 WAF risk assessment process

I got request to do f5 WAF risk assessment for my environment, do you have any suggestions how should i do 
Any documents/steps/url that I can follow to do the same.


I don't have any vulnerability tool in my environment, so how should i go without that.

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  • You asked this before and got an answer there, what was not ok with that?


    Beyond that you give pretty limited information. Should the risk assessment be of the F5 WAF itself or the application beyond the F5 WAF?


    If you search the internet you can find many resources about risk assessments, it helps to make clearer what you want your scope is because else this becomes way too broad a question to answer.


    It is also always possible to get external help, perhaps your F5 partner or your security partner can assist with a start or the whole proces.


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    The answer i got is to use vulnerability tool which i don't have in my environment.

    Risk assessment be of the F5 WAF (Virtual Server's) , if it's been configured with best practices guideline if any like i found for Palo alto but not for F5. How to found any loophole in the configuration that bad actor can exploit blah blah....

    in Front we have F5 silverline ddos protection that assessment also required but i dont find any guidelines for both fo this.


    • I wouldn't call that a risk assessment, but fine.


      Tried searching for something from F5 itself but can't really find it. A WAF policy is something that differs per application so ONE best practice is not something easily written.


      You can have a look at this dashboard, it tries to provide some guidance about what can be done: