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Jun 13, 2024

F5OS missing interfaces in tenant


I'm totally new to F5OS, I'm configuring a rSeries 2600 (1.5.1-12283) and deploying a tenant (BIG-IP Build 0.0.14 Point Release 1).

All seemed to work perfectly fine both in the host and the tenant deployments, but looking at the interfaces section on the tenant the list is totally empty! And in VLAN properties the "interface" section is missing.

I assigned VLAN's to interfaces in the Network Settings at F5OS level - would it be by design that the interfaces are no longer showed in the tenant ? I tried to find info in the doc with no results... Any info/help would be more than welcome :-)

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  • Forgot to mention that the VLAN's created at host level have been correctly passed to the tenant.

  • Did you change the port group mode for the interface?

    When you do this setup, it takes a while to complete the mapping. Then in Network Settings>LAG you can assign the interfaces along with the VLAN for F5OS x Network communication.

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      Thanks for your reply! We don't plan to use LAG here so I left the port group configuration untouched (default 8 X 10Gb) and assigned VLAN's to 3 interfaces. As I said the VLAN's are visible in the tenant but the interface are not.