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Jun 25, 2024

F5OS share APM VPN licence across tenant clusters


I have deployed a pair of r5900 series appliances.

On these appliances, I have an Active/Standby tenant cluster of F5 BIG IP running with the APM module provisioned and an APM configuration dedicated to SSL VPN using the F5 Edge Client.

The F5OS chassis are using 3 licences :

  • r5900 Best bundle
  • APM 1000 VPN Users (x2)

This means that the production environment can handle up to 2000 concurrent users connected at the same time, on the APM-enabled BIG-IP tenants.

My question is the following :

Can I create 2 new tenants running BIG-IP with APM module and create a new APM configuration for VPN testing purposes ?

How are the "APM 1000 VPN Users" licence shared across tenants running on the same r5900 chassis  ?

In the official F5OS documentation, I have noticed that every tenants inherits the licences provisionned on the F5OS chassis.

But there is no explanation regarding the sharing of the VPN seats included in the APM VPN licences.


Thank you.

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  • All properties of the license are duplicated, including the CCU (aka "connectivity" or "VPN user") licenses. This may change in the future with a license-sharing architecture, but for right now that's how chassis and tenant works.


  • Hello Lucas,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    I will deploy a new APM-enabled tenant cluster on the r5900 chassis and report back.

    Have a nice day.