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May 23, 2014

GTM - disabling bind

It is becoming a contentious issue of f5 support personnel not supporting BIND, though configured and installed by f5 consultants? What is the best way to permanently disable BIND so that no-one can use BIND feature and only stick with GTM DNS has to offer?




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  • Cory, you are right - the support and to what extent you are brushed aside depends on support engineer. I think we are reaching a conclusion here i.e. Disabled named service, disable bind in the dns profile. Thereafter whatever is left is all f5 derived code and it should be supported, which include the bind derivative zonerunner. This has been very helpful.


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      On Version 11.5.4, you can disable BIND from GUI. GO to DNS --> Delivery --> Profile, under dns profile, change "Use BIND server on BIG-IP" to be "disabled". then apply this profile to your listener. that would disable the BIND.
  • ZoneRunner is essentially the graphical interface for BIND. In my experience, the level of BIND support that we've gotten has been dependent upon the support engineer and their knowledge of it.


    I heard a couple of years ago that BIND might be removed from GTM, but that was only rumor. I've not heard any official roadmap for it.


  • You can disable BIND in the DNS profile applied to your listener. Just set 'Use BIND Server on BIG-IP' to disabled.


    ZoneRunner will still show up in your GUI though. Suppose you could stop the zrd and named services, though that may cause other problems.


    Packaging BIND with your product and then refusing to support it is frustrating though. Happened to us as well.


  • Same issues here. I was advised to disable bind named service since GTM doesn't use named service. On disabling it caused many DNS functioning to fail. This means we have bind components (ACLs etc.) implemented and will have to figure out a way to port it over to GTM-way of doing same functions.