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Oct 08, 2014

GTM not using bind for forwarding?

  • i configured a listener (TMOS 11.5.1) with a DNS profile which has "Unhandled Query Actions" set to Allow
  • i configured Use BIND Server on BIG-IP on the DNS profile
  • i configured a bind forwarder
  • i configured recursion to yes in the named.conf

but when i do a dig @listener for a non local hostname (i.e. then i get a refused response and no IP(s). wide ip loop ups and zonerunner records look ups both work fine. so the request is passed to bind, but once there it isn't forwarded to the configured DNS forwarder it seems.


anyone got a clue what else i can check else?


the typical thing is when i do a dig @ on the GTM itself then i get normal responses.


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  • ok i think i found the solution (after messing up bind so badly even requests on didn't work anymore).

    the bind config seems to be missing this part

    allow-query {

    once i added that it worked as expected. im not sure if i took that out at some point or what the default config is.