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Oct 20, 2020

High Availability

Hello Mates,


I am looking for answer to my below questions


I have two host 5520V running VCMP guest with 12.1.2 version .Most of the guest are in HA pair .Requirement here is to migrate from existing Platform to VE . I have read few documents which says that ,we can add VE f5 to VCMP F5 in HA . This is basically to sync the configuration.


My question is how we can achieve that and do we need to have same version of software on VE as well as VCMP .Can the version on VE 12.1.2 and on VCMP 12.1.1 will be able to from HA .


Do we need to go ahead with Load aware method .

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  • you need exactly the same version



    as for moving the configuration it might be easier to just restore an UCS on the VE with some interface tweaking.


    though creating that vcmp guest + ve cluster is a nice method if it works out.

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       : Thanks for your reply . i will check and let you know