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Apr 08, 2011

hits on virtual server

Hi all,



I need to know the number of hits on each of the virtual servers in a month, is there any way to know that. Basically i am trying to find out the virtual sever with the maximunm hits in a month.



Any help would be appreciated.






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  • Hi Siddarth,



    In current versions, you could compare the output from 'b virtual' to see which virtual server had received the most connections.



    The virtual server stats available via 'b virtual' or SNMP would be reset whenever the unit is restarted. A failover would also affect the stats as a new unit would be processing the request.



  • Thanks Aaron,



    The data from 'b virtual' is same as that in statistics right. I need to collect the data for every month. As of now i am resetting the statistics in the beggining of the month and will check the data in the end of the month. Can we write any scripts to automate this.





  • You could write a script in perl or bash to write out the stats you want and reset them at the beginning of each month. You can call the scripts from cron following the steps in SOL8430



    sol8430: Archive UCS files using the logrotate and crontab utilities