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Nov 16, 2011

How do we set Server name to a node in F5 11.0.0 version Via icontrol


I am trying to set a server name (screen_name) to a node in F5 11.0 via icontrol using LocalLBNodeAddress.set_screen_name() function. I am able to successfully set server name to the node in F5 10 version, the same code is throwing the below error in F5 11.0.




The requested node address (/Common/Svr1) was not found.




Any help is much appreciated.




Warm Regards,


Thara chand.


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    Hi Chandu,




    I think what you're running into here is a change that occurred in v11. Prior to v11, nodes were referenced by IP address and assigning a screen name was optional. With v11, nodes are referenced by named instead of IP. Both a name and an IP are required to create a node now.




    If you notice in the web UI, the 'name' field is not editable when editing a node. In order to rename a node you'll need to save the config (tmsh% save sys config), edit bigip.conf (tmsh% run util bash -c 'vi /config/bigip.conf'), replace the relevant node names, save bigip.conf, and finally load the changes (tmsh% load sys config).




    If you want to interact with nodes in v11, the LocalLB::NodeAddressV2 interface is what you want. You can't change the names via iControl however.






  • Hi,



    I understand that the method set_screen_name has been disabled because it's required at creation, but I don't understand for the "get_screen_name" method.



    When you request a pool with "get_member", icontrol answer with IP addresses of the member, and not name. So if you want to identify the name of the node behind a member, you need, I get it well, to make a map of all node with adresses and names to reverse the member.address info.
  • Yup, F5 changed this all up. You might want to use set_description under LocalLB.NodeAddressV2 in its place.