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Apr 06, 2021

HTTP SOAP XML monitor help needed

Hi All, I am attempting to implement HTTPS heath monitor that sends SOAP POST request to an XML gateway. I have had my request sorted out through SOAP UI which work as expected. The response I am ge...
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    Apr 08, 2021

    Ok this is solved now. Looks like monitor does not like or does not know how to deal with compression. I should have paid more attention to Accept-Encoding header that was included in my send string as my intent was to mimic the request from SOAP UI. That's why all those hexidecimals where showing in the monitor log. My send string was instructing server side to send compressed response that monitor failed to decompress. That simple!. Once, [Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate] was removed, the response was now sent in plain text and I was able to see in the monitor log.