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Mar 11, 2024

Intermittent Net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error and Incomplete Loading over HTTPS

I have an F5 load balancing setup configured with two servers. My MVC web application, which incorporates Kendo UI, Jquery, and bootstrapping, is hosted on an IIS server with an SSL certificate. However, when accessing the application via HTTPS from outside the server, it often or sometimes results in a 'net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET' error, with intermittent failures to load javascript and CSS files to the client browser. Strangely, upon reloading the page, the assets load properly, and the page functions as expected. This issue did not occur when the application was accessed via HTTP, where it worked properly without any issues. What could be the reason behind this problem?

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  • Sometimes browsers will begin to load a resource then suddenly stop because the web app resets to a different URL, or the user did some activity, or the page has some JS that does a "reload", or similar things. It seems like when I've seen it, usually it results in an "abort" network error rather than a RST.

    However, here it looks like the browser is getting the RST rather than transmitting it. To figure out about RST behavior in the wild, BIG-IP has a neat ability to log all of the reasons about the RST. This feature is discussed here:

    K13223: Configuring the BIG-IP system to log TCP RST packets



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      Thank you for your response. Could you advise me on what settings to maintain in F5 to optimize my setup and prevent these kinds of problems?