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Jul 22, 2023

IPv6 Virtual Server to IPv4 pools translation

Hi all,

we are going to configure below scenario on BIG-IP AWAF VE: 

Source (client from IPv6) --> Virtual Server (IPv6) --> Pool (servers in IPv4)

As per below ref article BIG-IP will automatically translate as below:

Connections to an IPv6 virtual server that are forwarded to an IPv4 destination will be translated to the IPv4 self IP address of the destination VLAN.

Ref Article:

I want the actual source IP inforamtion on physical server, what is the solution to achive it. please let me know if X-Forwarding For will solve my  issue ?


  • Hi,
    Yes, the XFF will include the IPv6 IP Address.

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  • If the source ip is ipv6 , would Virtual server would have to be IPV6 ? or IpV4 Virtual Server would work?

    • Yes
      Source (client from IPv6) --> Virtual Server (IPv6) --> Pool (servers in IPv4)
      Source (client from IPv4) --> Virtual Server (IPv4) --> Pool (servers in IPv4)