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Sep 03, 2013

iRule To Test Webpage Login

We have an issue where something in IIS will fail and external users will not be able to log into our webpage. I would like to either modify a current iRule and our create my own to test the login page on each webserver. I have tested and verified working health monitors for CPU and Memory load. And another health monitor for testing the url of the webpage ie on each webserver .


The last piece would would be to stop directing traffic to the webserver that has the "IIS" webpage login issue until our dev team can figure out the issue. I was thinking of an iRule where I provide it a test username and password and the website url and it would try and login to the webpage on each webserver. If the page returns an error and is unable to log in the irule marks the node down and only keeps active connections. Once the iRule can log into the webpage it would automatically start directing traffic back to the node.


Does anyone know if this can be done???


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