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Jun 20, 2023


I want to put below condition on irule, please help 1. If source IP matches and URI is /A  and /B traffic should be forwarded to POOL A 2. If user is accessing /C-new, rewrite URI to /C and forward...
  • Hi Bhupendra , 
    in Step 2 of rewrite >>> do you need the source ip matches as well or Not ? 

    So you need to match on specific source IP address/address first and then match /A or /B then move traffic to pool A but if the same match on source ip address/addresses but with uri starts with /c-new modify it to be /C and forward traffic to pool A 

    if non of those forward to pool B 

    that's Correct ? 


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    Jun 20, 2023

    Maybe think about using a local traffic policy rather than an iRule. It will be more efficient and easier for you to manage

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    Jun 20, 2023

    Hi Bhupendra , 
    As PeteWhite recommended , yes it's eaiser than iRule and will give you the same result. 

    it should be like this : 

    >>> Note that , the last condition "3rd match " should be All Traffic and then do those Actions ( Log and Forward to default pool ) 

    This is an overview about Local Traffic policy :