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Jun 21, 2012

layer 3 Load Balancing

Hi All



I have 3 Exchange 2010 servers, two in vlan 2020 and one in vlan 3020. The F5 is physically connected to the same switch as the server in vlan 3020. I've created a self ip and a vlan for 3020 on the F5, and it can see that server in that vlan no problems. It can't however, see the other two servers. They are located in a different data center. I want to avoid having to tag vlan 2020 between the data centers. I'd rather load balance using layer 3. Can anyone point me in the right direction?




Appreciate any assistance you can provide.




Many thanks




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  • You will have to enable SNAT on the virtual server(s). Did you use the deployment guide, or the iApp/Template? If so, you can also add the snat command to the various sections of the iRule that is applied to the virtual server(s).





  • We used the template, loosely following the instructions for it in the deployment guide. I don't know how to add the snat command to the iRule, so I'll run the template again and enable snat.